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Tension Headaches

Updated: May 5, 2023

Tension headaches

  1. Stiff shoulders

  2. Radiating pain up the side of the neck

  3. Temporal headaches

  4. Severe tension at the base of the skull

  5. Stiff neck

  6. Sharp pain radiating down the arms

  7. Unable to turn head fully

If yes then read on

Tension Headaches

I have successfully treated many clients who had tension headaches. Unbelievably people tolerate unnecessary pain or take painkillers which essentially mask the problem and doesn’t solve the root cause which is muscular tension. Muscular tension restricts the blood flow to the neck and brain which irritates the nerve endings casing pain. It’s a condition which if left untreated will only get worse commonly  leading to compression of the nerves and blood vessels that leave the neck which supply the arm leading to pins and needles and referred pain down the arms. Once muscular tension has developed this leads to a loss of range of motion with restricted movement in the neck.

Poor posture leads to muscle tension as our shoulders and neck are far too forward which result in the muscles tightening to hold this position. Stress is also a contributing factor causing muscles to tighten.

Massage is fantastic at treating tension headaches by

  1. Reducing tension in the neck and shoulders

  2. Restoring normal range of movement in the neck

  3. Stretching tight muscles

  4. Reducing frequency of headaches

  5. Allowing normal blood flow to return

  6. Helping correct posture


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