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Advice and Aftercare


Advice & Aftercare for after your treatment

For example advice may include correcting postural positions whilst working at a computer which could be a major contributor to the pain/condition. It could also include specific stretches for a muscle group that are short and need to be lengthened thus rebalancing your body. Other exercises may be aimed at strengthening or conditioning certain parts of the body that may be weak. All of these measures are to enhance recovery and minimise chances of reoccurrence.

Why Choose Ben Tolson?

Ben is a highly qualified Bristol massage therapist specialising in a variety of therapies from deep tissue massage to acupuncture. After years of extensive studying and practice, his extensive knowledge allows him to quickly diagnose problems and offer effective treatment.

Our patients rate us 5 stars for our effective treatments, professional service, and clear communication. Check out our testimonials to see what they say about us.

"I went to Ben with an old shoulder injury that plays up from time to time, and what with starting to Row regularly it needs to be as well as possible for full maneuverability. After some questioning and muscle manipulation Ben started with a gentle warming massage. He continued with a deep, balancing massage that worked the troubled areas releasing tension and stiffness. I felt very relaxed and safe throughout as the massage worked deeper and in more detail. What I especially liked was the aftercare that identified the muscles that needed strengthening. Ben recommended moves and exercises to work with, empowering me to take control of my body.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Bens open manner for a professional, honest and balanced massage that as well as aiding in recovery also teaches you how to take control of your body."


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